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Multinationals and high-growth startups partner with Dorabase for data localization, reduced latency and superior end-user experience.

Helping 3.000+ Companies Establish, Manage and Scale IT Infrastructure in Turkey, Since 2008


From the world's leading telco operators and consumer electronics companies to OTTs, mobile gaming companies and many others... Dorabase powers them at the Edge.


Data Center Services in Turkey

Registered at RIPE and Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), Dorabase operates data centers primarily within Equinix IL2 in Istanbul and Turk Telekom's facility in Ankara.

Host your own servers in Turkey
(Co-location & Remote Infrastructure Management)

  • Bring your own infrastructure or source new equipment from Turkish suppliers with the help of Dorabase.

  • Remote hand available on a 24/7 basis.

Rent cloud servers and physical dedicated servers in Turkey
(Dedicated Turkish IPs, IPv4, /24)

  • Build custom cloud servers at any configuration.

  • Choose between Dell or HP physical dedicated servers.

  • Stay flexible. No long-term contractual commitments needed. 

Wangsu logo

China's cloud powerhouse Wangsu is amongst many companies that partnered with Dorabase for PoP management in Turkey.

Managed Cloud DNS, CDN and WAF for Any Website / Application Worldwide

Dorabase has partnered with CDNetworks, StackPath and Cloudflare to provide companies with managed edge services. Work side-by-side with Dorabase to identify your needs, run PoCs with all service providers and choose the one that best fits your budgetary / performance requirements.


3 Key Reasons to Work with Dorabase on Edge Services


As a back-up to the service providers' own teams, Dorabase's solution architects work side-by-side with you in the pre-sales, PoC and onboarding processes. Dorabase supports you with accountable, dedicated account managers at all times.​​

Dorabase has the scale and the purchasing power. Dorabase buys in bulk from the service providers, you buy as much as you need from Dorabase. This gives you a clear advantage on costs.

You may choose to work with different service providers at the same time, yet you always deal with only one supplier, that is Dorabase. You'll have a single point of contact and pay a single invoice. 


Vodafone partnered with Dorabase's sister company VUCOS to stream live TV and VoD to 10 million+ devices over its OTT platform, Vodafone TV.

Buy User Licenses from Dorabase and Get Up To 90% Off List Prices

Dorabase is an authorized reseller of Google Workspace, Sectigo (SSL certificates) and Comodo (ITSM).

  • New clients: Migrate from your existing mail service provider with confidence. Get free support from Dorabase during migration and avoid loss of data.

  • Existing clients: Transfer your account to Dorabase in just a few minutes. Lower your monthly cost by switching to pre-paid reseller plans.

  • Buy Sectigo's SSL certificates from Dorabase and enjoy massive discounts on bulk purchases.

  • Outsource SSL portfolio management from Dorabase and never worry about missing any expiration dates.

  • Buy user licenses for Comodo's ITSM software from Dorabase and enjoy exclusive deals.

Bircan Ozbas.jpeg

"Most tech companies provide support with chatbots or they simply outsource support from specialized companies. Not to mention the a-list cloud companies, some charge extra for support. Bottom line is, it is nearly impossible for clients to build close  relationships with their suppliers these days. Some might think that it's the new normal. I totally disagree. All of my team at Dorabase is always accessible by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp. We have no ticket queues, no noreply@ e-mails."

Bircan Ozbas, Managing Director


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